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MAX Electric Stapler EH-70Fll

MAX Electric Stapler EH-70Fll


  • $2,120.00 HKD

  • Professional quality continuous stapling
  • Staples 2 to 70 sheets with clean flat clinch finish
  • Automatic touchless stapling
  • Clear case allows you to see the actual stapling position clearly
  • Select auto or manual stapling
  • Adjustable throat depth
  • Unique paper guide allows convenient corner stapling (45 degree)
  • 4-point rubber grips help stabilize the stapler for best stapling performance
  • Improved design additional safety structure - Metal frame finger guard and restricted access to interlock
  • Instruction Manual easily accessed from QR code
  • LED Status ‘Lamp” indicator flashes to notify you when it is time to load staples
  • Easy Loading Staple Cartridge - Staples 5,000 times continuously without reloading staple cartridge

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